Stop looking like a fool with your sideways tongue. Time to Trap it up and wear your shoes the way they want to be worn! Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!*

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Keeping your feet happy is important - they do a lot for you. Time to do something for them. Trap up when you lace up.

What people are saying about Tongue Traps:

“Wow! We ordered Tongue Traps yesterday morning and received them today! Fantastic service!!!” – Snaggle Foot Dog Walkers, Grand Prairie, TX

“Tongue Traps have done an amazing service to my feet. I never realized how much more comfortable running would be if the tongue just simply stayed where it should be! Good job Tongue Traps!” – Josh S, Corona, CA

“My tongue traps served me well and help me reign in my best time to date.” -┬áBrenden F, Asheville, NC


Why You Need Traps

For athletes, a sideways tongue can impede performance. For everyone else, a sideways tongue is insanely annoying...and makes you look like an idiot that doesn't know how to dress yourself.
Unlace. Loop. Thread. Trap up when you lace up. Installation takes ten seconds for beginners. Five for intermediates. And two for professionals. Then you're good to go!
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